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How does handle repeat infringements?

Copyright holders are not required to label their work with an official copyright notice for that work to be protected. It might be that you have uploaded content accidentally, which infringes on the rights of others. When materials you have uploaded are removed as a result of a valid take-down notice, you receive a copyright ‘strike’ - in accordance with the DMCA and other copyright laws.

A strike is a warning that you have violated our copyright policy and serves as a reminder to take extra care in ensuring that any content you upload to our platform is free from copyright violations. A strike has a validity period of 60 days. Users who accumulate 5 active strikes or more will be automatically banned from uploading new content.

We also reserve the right to terminate user accounts that receive fewer than 5 ‘strikes’, should determine that the user has a history of violating or has wilfully disregarded our Terms and the intellectual property rights of others.